Februar 2024

This is some of what we’ve been busy with this month!

New Features

  • Guten Tag, Germany! We’ve gone global with added German language support. Now we will greet our German users with “Guten Tag” like we greet Norwegians with “Hei”.
  • It’s all about the details: Added new fields like ‘SetAsCoverImage’ for product media, ‘AvailableForWeb,’ ‘DiscontinuedFrom,’ for products, and a shiny ‘MaxPrice’ on service orders.
  • Fancy finding: Unleashed full-text search on product. That is, we’ve improved it, so that you can for instance search on parts of a word.
  • Extensions & more: From tenant extensions for “Nice UID” and automatic numeric SKUs to additions like freight product options on delivery methods, and even the possibility for setting coordinates for your store, making the stores appear nicely in the map in for example Shopware.
  • Foreign currency: Introduced new endpoints for foreign currencies (any, you simply add the ones you would like), exchange rates, and more.
  • Customer consent. You can now create and maintain consents directly in the platform.
  • Visma.net: Added accounting reports in Visma.net format
  • Full sales order for services. Add costs like spare parts or work hours to service orders with a breeze, and have the customer pay when they come to the store to pick up the service.
  • Omnium OMS integration in progress: We’ve started on integrating Omnium with Flow Retail.
  • Service system basically in place. The service system is now by all practical means completed in v1, and we’re super-eager to have some retailers try it out!


  • Optimization overdrive: Streamlined processes for generating SKUs optimizes product loading times by 18 times! Speed is of the essence, and we’re not slowing down.
  • Terminology improvements: Updated terminal names to make them easier to understand, introduced checks on product types for purchase orders, and more.
  • Access & Permissions: Granted full access to stores for new warehouses and made store access optional on handling actions.
  • Orders and reports: Improved handling of parked orders, internal purchase orders, and ensured that our SAF-T report sums in the Z-report section actually make sense. Because who likes chaos? Not us.


  • No Bug Left Behind: Addressed everything from nil-pointer exceptions in ImportFile validations to fixing that pesky duplicate check on tenant payment method parameters. Because we like our software like we like our homes – bug-free.
  • Stock & Settlements: Fixed stock adjustments for new products, recalculated cost prices, and ensured foreign cash settlement calculations are correct.
  • Search & Display: Corrected full-text search to return the right total count and made sure your products shine.
  • Notifications & notes: From sending HTML emails to SMS plain texts, we made sure your messages look good on any device. Plus, we fixed notifications for new service orders because everyone likes to stay in the loop.

So there you have it, folks! Enjoy the new features, improvements, and fixes – we’ve worked hard so you can work smart. Stay tuned for whats coming up in March!

Next up

Check out our Roadmap to see a glimpse of whats coming next!