Go developer

Keywords: Go Backend PostgreSQL

Salary range: NOK 600k-NOK 900k

Location: Sandnes, Oslo

The role

As part of a rapidly increasing demand delivering our world-class POS commerce solution to professional retailers, we are looking for more backend developers to strengthen our team further.

Being part of the backend development team, you will become a central part of both planning and building new features in our Flow Retail POS commerce platform used by thousands of users on a everyday basis.

Required skillset

What we expect from you

In addition to practical experience in development, it is expected that you have the ability to understand user issues and actively contribute to creating good and efficient solutions without unnecessary complexity. We roll out what we develop only when we are reasonably comfortable with it, without lengthy requirements specifications beforehand. Relevant higher education in development is a plus, but practical experience and passion for development outweigh most qualifications.

What you should expect from us

First and foremost that you find it fun and meaningful to come to work every day. Building and delivering technology that helps businesses succeed is a rewarding task. We have state-of-the-art facilities located in the heart of Sandnes city center, with a great view and a quiet, nerdy atmosphere. We may not be a leading-paying company, but we offer reasonable compensation based on expertise and experience, and our things like pension is top of the top. As part of the transformation we’re undergoing, a common bonus scheme for all employees will be introduced in 2023. Work hours are flexible as long as the job gets done. We usually work at the office, but if you need to “zone out” for a day or two to focus on a complex task, you can work from where you work best. Warm lunch is served at the office every day.

Our most important tools

Asana is used to keep track of what needs to be developed, Figma is used for sketching, Slack is used for communication, Google Workspace is used for email, calendar, voice calls and documents, Github is used for revision control, and Notion is used for documentation, to the extent that there is documentation. VSCode is used as an IDE by all of our developers. Everyone use modern Macbooks, have sufficient number of screens, noise-free headphones and all the other equipment required needed to do a fantastic job.


Send the code you have written and are happy with to work@flowretail.no, along with a brief presentation of yourself and why you want to work with us – and we will contact you as soon as possible.